DVD: My Name is Noémi

A film by Jim Lortz

Filmed over the course of a year from June 2006 through June 2007, My Name is Noémi follows teacher and Holocause survivor Noémi Ban as she shares her story with audiences of all ages.  Noémi opens her home, introduces us to her family, and revisits the Buchenwald sub-camp, Munchmuhle.  Sharing her story for the first time in the Hungarian language, Noémi returns home to Debrecen, Hungary.  This is the city she called home in 1944, from which she was taken to Auschwitz II: Birkenau where she was a prisoner from July through October of 1944.

Devised as a legacy for Noémi’s family, the film gives a poignant portrait of a remarkable woman.  My Name is Noémi reflects the strength, passion, love, and commitment Noémi personifies.  It is a chance to witness for yourself elements of her remarkable story of survival.  It is a reflection of her “Love of Life.”

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